About Us

Who We Are

The Phoenix Gold Corporation is a precious metals dealer in Tampa, Florida. Our office opened in 2009 with much of our focus on Dealer to Dealer wholesale. Over the last few years, we have expanded our sales to retail customers through eBay and other sales outlets. We have launched this website to make it easier for retail customers to find an outstanding product at a wholesale price. We pride ourselves on customer service and want every one of our customers to be 100% satisfied with every aspect of the transaction. Whether you are purchasing a $10 item or a $100,000 item, we will treat you with respect and ensure you enjoy your dealings with TPGC. Our goal is not to have you as a customer for just one transaction, but to have you as a customer for life.


Our Products

Tubes and Bag

Classic Silver Dollars:

As a market leader in Morgan and Peace Dollars, we move tens of thousands of coins through the office weekly. We regularly stock every grade range from Low Premium "Culls" to the beautiful Brilliant Uncirculated. We offer most coins individually, in rolls of 20, or in bulk bags. Feel free to take a look at some of our Classic Silver Dollars and see why they are a great mixture of silver content and numismatic value.



Foreign Coins
Foreign Bullion:

When it comes to gold bullion, TPGC also specializes in foreign coins such as French and Swiss 20 Francs as well as British Sovereigns. We choose these particular coins to specialize in because almost all of the coins were struck before 1933, they are in smaller denominations, and are each fractions of an ounce of gold. With that being said, these coins are some of the most popular coins in the world.



Numismatic Coins


Numismatic Coins:

TPGC is happy to offer numismatic graded coins, and with a combined numismatic knowledge of over 65 years, we can assure you are receiving the best quality numismatics and a wide variety of options to fit every collection. We offer everything from rare date double eagles, to fractional gold, and even some great type coins. We hand pick all of our coins ensuring you will receive the highest quality. We also buy and sell at a fair price to make sure you get the best value for your hard earned money.



Our Mission

The Phoenix Gold Corporation strives to provide the finest numismatic products at the best possible prices. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. It is our hope to establish a lifelong business relationship with each customer we serve. In order to achieve the high degree of satisfaction our customers have come to expect, we combine the experience and wisdom of top numismatists with the technology savvy youth. When working with any member of our team, you can expect open, honest communication at all times. We want people to be thrilled with our service, value our company, and recommend us freely. Because of this, we will work hard for you and your business.