Purchasing Numismatic Coins with Confidence

Collecting coins with numismatic value can be an expensive and nerve wracking hobby. Prior to the existence of third party coin grading services, such as PCGS, NGC, and ICG, rare coins were sold without any guarantee of authenticity or condition. All transactions were made in good faith and based on the opinions of friends and strangers alike. The existence of coin grading services has made a major impact on the numismatic coin collecting community. With these services available, the interest in collecting numismatic coins has increased. It remains true, however, that even with such services being available, mistakes still happen and coins are over or under graded.

The Phoenix Gold Corporation Announces New Site Launch

In 2009, The Phoenix Gold Corporation was born as a precious metals dealer targeting dealer to dealer wholesale transactions. As the popularity and demand for precious metals grew, so did inquiries from retail customers looking to purchase items at competitive prices. So began TPGC’s expansion into retail sales.

Minting Perfection

The United States Mint produces about 700 coins per minute. They have evolved from manually striking each individual coin to mass producing coins with a series of machines and processes. It is not a surprise that many would assume that the transition from manual to machined striking would increase the accuracy and quality of the coins being produced. It is true, however, that with the faster and more efficient minting processes, the search for a perfect coin is also increasingly more difficult.

More Than Just a Coin

From the outside looking in, it is often puzzling as to why coin collectors spend the time and money that they do. With the prices of numismatic coins being more than their face value or melt value, it is hard to justify spending top dollar for just a coin. The reality is it is much more than “just a coin.”